Why you should consider Sydney’s Northern Beaches for your next property purchase!


The Sydney Northern Beaches real estate market is a highly sought-after location for both locals and international buyers. Known for its stunning beaches, picturesque coastal towns, and laid-back lifestyle, the Northern Beaches offer a unique blend of urban and coastal living. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the Northern Beaches real estate market, including its current state, trends, and challenges.

State of the Market


The Northern Beaches real estate market saw a boom in prices during the pandemic then a dramatic drop following it’s passing.  Following this drop median house prices currently sit at around $2.2 million, while units have a median price of around $1.06 million. The market is highly competitive, with many buyers vying for a limited number of properties. Despite the high prices, the Northern Beaches real estate market continues to be in demand, with buyers willing to pay a premium for the chance to own a piece of this beautiful coastline.



The real estate market of Sydney’s Northern Beaches has been experiencing a number of trends in recent years. One trend that stands out is the continued demand for beachfront and waterfront properties, which has driven up prices in these areas. Additionally, there has been a surge in interest for renovated and updated properties, particularly those that offer modern amenities and high-end finishes. Another trend has been the increasing popularity of sustainable and eco-friendly homes, with many buyers looking for properties that offer energy-efficient features and green design elements. The Northern Beaches market has also seen a rise in demand for low-maintenance properties, particularly among busy professionals and downsizers.



One of the challenges facing the Northern Beaches real estate market is the limited supply of properties available. With growing demand and limited new developments in the area, it can be difficult for buyers to find the right property at the right price. Additionally, the high prices in the area can make it challenging for some buyers to enter the market.

When considering the Northern Beaches real estate market offers a range of opportunities for buyers. With a growing market, a unique lifestyle, and a range of properties available, the Northern Beaches is a haven for owner occupiers.

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