Sea Change vs. Tree Change


When looking to move away from the chaos of the city, one element to consider is whether a sea change or tree change move is right for you. At Buyers Butler we can find and secure a property along the coast or in amongst the trees. Whether you are looking to invest, find a holiday home or looking for that lifestyle change, we are able to assist you in making your move. 


Sea Change Move


A sea change move is moving away from city life and to a relaxing coastal suburb by the ocean for a laidback lifestyle. With warm climates, affordable housing options and sunny beaches a sea change move is perfect for anyone wanting a relaxing escape to the ocean. The Sunshine Coast offers many suburbs and towns with that perfect holiday at your doorstep everyday. To make a sea change move to the Sunshine Coast is perfect for anyone looking to get the best of both worlds being only an hour away from Brisbane City. If you are looking for a sea change move, Buyers Butler secures properties all along the Sunshine Coast Region including Noosa and its surrounds. 


Tree Change Move


A tree change move is moving into a green suburb surrounded by the peacefulness of the trees and mountains or a country town. A tree change move doesn’t have to be a fa relocation, it may be moving to the Samford Region or Maleny Hinterlands. With fresh air, greenery all around a tree change is ideal for any family who loves spending time enjoying the outdoors. With so many tree change move options around Brisbane you can achieve your ideal lifestyle. The Samford Region is a 30 minute drive from Brisbane’s CBD and is famous for its green surroundings, serene landscapes and a quiet town community. The Sunshine Hinterland is located a 70 minute drive from Brisbane and is perfect for a tree change move considering its country towns and luscious rain forests. If you are looking for a treechange move, Buyers Butler secures properties all throughout the Samford Region including Sunshine Coast Hinterland.