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Rohan Luhan is your personal property advocate who will find and secure your ideal property in Brisbane’s north.  Provide your property brief and let Rohan utilise his contacts and knowledge to transform your property search experience. 



Meet Rohan Luhan, a dedicated buyer’s agent ready to turn your real estate dreams into reality.

With over a decade of B2B commercial sales expertise and three decades of living locally, Rohan brings a unique blend of business expertise and community insight to the table.

Passionate about finding your dream home or facilitating strategic investments, Rohan goes beyond transactions. He’s committed to building lasting relationships and ensuring every buyer’s satisfaction. Anchored with a genuine love for the local area, Rohan approaches each client’s journey with enthusiasm, honesty, and energy.

Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or a seasoned investor, Rohan’s goal is to make your path to homeownership positive and memorable. 

Trust his ability to understand diverse client needs and deliver seamless results. 

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Rohan Luhan exclusively represents the interests of you, the buyer. Unlike traditional real estate agents who may represent both buyers and sellers in a transaction, a buyer’s agent works solely on behalf of the buyer, ensuring that their client’s needs and preferences are the top priority.

This exclusive relationship allows Rohan to provide undivided loyalty and advocacy, working to secure the best outcome for you in the shortest time possible.   

If your search of your dream home or investment property in northern Brisbane and surrounds, let Rohan be your dedicated agent.

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Located interstate or overseas?

Rohan can help location separation! He is the local expert on the ground to do the work for you.

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Don’t have time to search for yourself?

Time-poor but don’t want to miss out on the perfect home? Let Rohan help you.

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Keep missing out on your dream property?

Stop missing out and secure the property you love now with the assistance of Rohan.

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Scared of agents and auctions?

Rohan is a professional who knows how to get you the best outcome.

Let Buyers Butler secure the right property, for you today

Choose Buyers Butler, and you unlock a vast array of carefully curated properties, coupled with expert guidance and comprehensive pre-purchase property assessments.

Exclusive presentation of only the most exceptional properties is our commitment to you, streamlining your search, reducing stress, and minimizing risks.

When the moment to finalize the deal arrives, rest assured that our adept negotiation skills will secure your ideal property at the most favorable price, providing you with peace of mind throughout the process. Call ROHAN 0422 212 021

Where are you looking to buy?

Equipped with an in-depth knowledge of the north Brisbane property market, Rohan is ready to lead you through every step of your property search.

Rohan holds a special interest in properties within the 10km arc, but does purchase properties for clients across the northside of Brisbane, from inner city locations of Bowen Hills, Kelvin Grove and Windsor stretching through to the northern fringes of Wavell Heights and out to Sandgate and Redcliffe. 

No matter where you are currently located, Rohan is here to assist you in navigating and facilitating your property purchase in North Brisbane.


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More Contacts in the Brisbane Real Estate Market

Sometimes it is who you know rather than what you know. But in this case it's both.

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Target search time of only 21 days

Rohan aims to find and secure clients their ideal property in 21 days.

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Unmatched local knowlege and experience

With great property experience Rohan specialises in Brisbane and surrounds.

Key Stats

Five star customer satisfaction rating

Rohan is committed to securing five star Google reviews.


What Others Think

"Rohan is committed to creating lasting satisfaction, providing you with a great property experience."

"Rohan's passion and experience in property combined with local living makes him the perfect choice."

"Rohan's friendly and positive character makes the difference when purchasing your next property."


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Rohan Luhan is here to take the pain out of property market research and ensure you know what to buy and when to buy it. The property market is constantly changing and we know the market so you can buy better.

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