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We are thrilled to provide an official introduction to our National Buyers Butler Providers. 


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Real estate solicitor/conveyancer

JHK Legal provide real estate and conveyancing legal services for your clients when purchasing property. JHK expert property team of 6 legal practioners are equipped to provide services across Australia. 

JHK place a strong focus on being approachable and encourage open communication.  They charge a fixed fee so your clients know upfront the investment involved.


We warmly invite you to contact Chris Lewis today and introduce yourself as a Buyers Butler buyers agent and discuss your potential client needs.  To learn about the process for engaging with JHK Legal, click here.

Contact Details:
Chris Lewis, Business Development Manager
T: 07 3859 4503      E: 


Resicert is a national Building and Pest inspection company who can provide an inspection and a detailed report for your clients prior to purchasing the property. Each report is written in a language your client can understand, constant communication during the inspection process and a 100% month back satisfaction guarantee. 

We warmly invite you to contact Raza Abbas today to introduce yourself as a Buyers Butler buyers agent and discuss your potential client needs. 

Contact Details:
Raza Abbas, Commercial Growth Manager

T: 1800 737   E:


HoLo is a national mortgage broker providing access to a host of home loan lenders.  HoLo makes it oh-so simple, guiding you through your application process expertly, with a little twinkle in our eye. No bank-speak. No bank-itude. Just great deals, an expert team and all the thrill of the journey.


As HoLo is an online mortgage broker we warmly invite you to visit the HoLo website and then refer your client to HoLo using the below steps. 

Contact Details:

   1. Email with the subject header – Buyers Butler Referral

   2. Your client’s name, contact details and where they are looking to purchase

   3. Your contact details and reconfirm that this is a Buyers Butler referral

As a referrer, for qualified and eligible referrals, HoLo offers to provide 10% of the sign up fee from the referred home loan as a commission.   In order to provide full transparency, we encourage you to proactively disclose this potential commission to your clients. 


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