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Grow your boutique buyers agency faster with the backing of Buyers Butler head office support team. 

Don't go it alone

Your own Buyers Agency business with the backing of a national premium brand.

Imagine if you could realise the freedom of operating as an independent buyers agent but have the power of being part of a recognised brand.

A head office support team, a network of like minded buyers agents and the Buyers Butler brand infrastructure to accelerate your rise as a buyers agent – without the large overheads.  

Buyers Butler buyers agents are set up for success.

Speak to us today about the benefits of becoming a buyers agent partner with Buyers Butler.  

Buyers Agent

Why Join Us

Operate independently under a recognised brand
Work where, when and how you want
Head office support to facilitate success
Be part of a network of agents


Buyers Butler head office support team is there so you are never alone.

From welcoming you onboard, to setting you up with the key tools you need to operate as a buyers agent.


Graphic design, marketing, client management system, contacts, templates, social media – our team has you covered.


A team to rocket launch your agency

Our team know what it takes to successfully launch and support your boutique Buyers Agency. 

Grant, Joyce, James, Sophia and Tamara are the Buyers Butler Head Office team.  

Fast track yourself as a Buyers agent through harnessing the power of working together.  

Become one of Australia's Top Buyers Agents

Choose your location across Australia


Why I Joined Buyers Butler

Ben Grill is a passionate Brisbane Buyers Agent.

Click here to find out more about Ben. 

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