What makes Geelong your next purchase location!


Geelong offers captivating landscapes and also boast thriving real estate markets. In this blog we will explore insights into the Geelong property market, highlighting the opportunities that make Geelong attractive to all homeowners, investors and those looking for their dream home. 


Coastal Living:


The cities coastal location, relaxed lifestyle and proximity to Melbourne contribute to its popularity. Geelong offers a diverse range of properties from heritage homes to modern waterfront apartments and family-friendly suburbs.




The waterfront area has become a sought after location for buyers looking for a slice of coastal living. The surrounding suburbs of Newtown, Geelong West and Highton also offer a mix of character homes and modern properties. In comparison to Melbourne’s property market, Geelong has attracted many first-time buyers and investors seeking long-term growth potential. 


Growth Potential:


The proximity of Geelong to Melbourne, coupled with excellent transport links creates significant growth potential for both cities. The improvement of commuting options has made Geelong an attractive choice for those seeking a relaxed lifestyle while easily accessing work and study in central Melbourne. With further transport development enhancing connectivity, there is growth for the property market of Geelong in the future.



The property market in Geelong offers diverse opportunities for homebuyers and investors. With Geelong’s coastal living and investment potential exploring the property market of Geelong reveals many possible perfect match properties in this thriving Australian city.

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